Custom iPhone 13 Folio Wallet

$45.00 Inc. GST


Custom iPhone 13 Folio Wallet in Satin (Clear PC Insert) Store Cards and Cash. The Folio Case is an inspired way to carry lifeÕs necessities. Business cards, cash, identification, credit cards and a phone all in one stylish folio. Its sleek form and contemporary design give it a stand-out look. Made with faux leather and modern grey elastic fastening, the Folio makes a statement. Open up your story.
  • Stand feature for viewing media and web browsing.
  • Printable faux leather with grey elastic fastening.
  • Clear, open ports for connectivity.
  • Stitched pockets to conveniently store cards & cash.
  • Induction Charger compactible.
  • Best replacement to conventional PU/PVC and recycled leather.
  • Made of 80% recycled PVB (Polyvinyl Butyral)
  • DMF (Dimethyl fumarate) free, use water solvent.
  • Eco regulation, SVHC (Substances of very high concern) and REACH tested.
  • PVC Free. Comply with PVC free policy.
  • Anti scratch and anti abrasion.

CS Labs Quality Tested | Made for life, lifetime guarantee