Custom Samsung Galaxy S10 Folio Wallet

$45.00 Inc. GST


Custom Samsung Galaxy S10 FOLIO Wallet   Store Cards and Cash. The Folio Case is an inspired way to carry life’s necessities. Business cards, cash, identification, credit cards and a phone all in one stylish folio. Its sleek form and contemporary design give it a stand-out look. Made with faux leather and modern grey elastic fastening, the Folio makes a statement. Open up your story.
  • Stand feature for viewing media and web browsing.
  • Printable faux leather with grey elastic fastening.
  • Clear, open ports for connectivity.
  • Stitched pockets to conveniently store cards & cash.
  • Induction Charger compactible.
  • Best replacement to conventional PU/PVC and recycled leather.
  • Made of 80% recycled PVB (Polyvinyl Butyral)
  • DMF (Dimethyl fumarate) free, use water solvent.
  • Eco regulation, SVHC (Substances of very high concern) and REACH tested.
  • PVC Free. Comply with PVC free policy.
  • Anti scratch and anti abrasion.

CS Labs Quality Tested | Made for life, lifetime guarantee