Easter Flowers, Chocolate, Bonnets and Bunnies, It’s a Wonderful Time!


Hello SpringHasn’t winter felt soooo long? Cold weather, grey skies, short days and having to wrap up every time you leave the house. We really need a change so it’s great that Easter is here! Of course, the actual date of Easter moves around each year because it follows the first new moon after the start of Spring, but it always happens just as the weather is improving, young rabbits are emerging and the Spring flowers are beginning to bloom. It’s an amazing time of new colour, life….and chocolate!


Easter has three traditions that make this such an enjoyable time of year, the Easter bunny, Easter eggs and Easter bonnets. The Easter bunny represents new life in Spring and often carries a basket of Easter eggs to give to children. The Easter egg hunt is a natural extension of this idea: the Easter bunny has been hiding eggs around a room or garden for lucky children to find.


Easter eggs were originally actual eggs, often painted, which were also associated with new life in springtime and the end of Lent when Christians were not allowed to eat eggs. Although some people do still paint eggshells for Easter, by far the most popular egg these days is made of chocolate. Over a billion chocolate eggs are eaten every year and this does not count the chocolate bunnies, chocolate bears or the more creative end of the chocolate range, the chocolate clutch bag: http://tinyurl.com/zq7zjxlEaster blog


Easter bonnets are a throwback to the time when people used to make and buy new clothes for Spring. People make really original and creative bonnets for their local Easter parade and there are often prizes for the best. If you are feeling creative this Easter, a custom phone case is a great way of celebrating Easter and telling your own story.


If you have an Easter image you love you can make it into a smartphone case. Flowers, bunnies, egg patterns, a great bonnet, anything that sums up this wonderful time for you. Check out our ‘Spring’ designs in the Art Collection. Or perhaps make a collage of Easter images? They won’t fade with use or in the sun, colours will zing day in, day out and your case will look as good months from now as the day you got it.


Easter Bunny Case

Use the perfect Easter image or collage to make a personalised phone case that only you could create. You can use our ‘text’ feature to add any text you like to your design. Custom phone cases can make great gifts, so maybe create something really memorable for someone close to you to celebrate Easter and know they’ll enjoy it every time they pick up their phone!


Our cases are engineered using the highest quality materials and will protect your smartphone. And your unique design will mean there’s no room for mistakes or arguments. You’ll always know which one to grab in a crowded bar or party.


So get a great personalised phone case for Easter, protect your smartphone and make it as individual as you are! (Customise Your Case Now)