Marc Doyle for Case Station


Case Station is collaborating with Marc Doyle to add colourful and eclectic designs to the collection. Marc Doyle designs offer London icons, Volkswagen® illustrations, retro drawings, aliens and a slew of other fun graphics to customise smartphone cases. Discovered through word of mouth, Case Station is honoured to work with an artist from the U.K. where Case Station is headquartered.

About Marc Doyle
Born in Oldham, England in 1963, Marc studied Theatre Design at Croydon College of Art & Design in London. He left the world of art for 16 years, whilst pursuing a ‘successful’ career in retail management. Six years ago he met Beverley (now his wife), and through her inspiration and belief he started to draw, paint and design again. Marc has produced several commercially successful design ranges, including Cats, Dogs and Other Animals as well as exhibiting work in several galleries in England. Three years ago, he presented his first solo exhibition in Oldham. The show featured a selection of detailed floral work, landscapes, dark emotive works from his past as well as the more decorative commercial animal pieces. Marc works in a variety of media including watercolour, pencils, pen & ink and acrylics with most works averaging 16″ x 12″.