Anne Keenan Higgins & Case Station

For the fashionista at heart, Case Station proudly introduces designs from Anne Keenan Higgins to Case Station Collabs. The whimsical illustrations lighten the mood and reflect those with fashionable and lighthearted personalities. From the Trendy New Yorker to a Polka Dot Dog Walker there is an illustrative design to add some style to your smartphone case!

About Anne Keenan Higgins
If your parents met in art school, there’s a good chance some creative genes will be passed on to the next generation. It was certainly the case for Anne Keenan Higgins who grew up with 10 brothers and sisters in Michigan. After graduating from the School of Art & Design at the University of Michigan, Anne began a career as an art director at various advertising agencies in Detroit. Along with her sister Emily, she moved to California and after a few months of painting handmade cards and selling them to local shops, Anne developed her signature whimsical style and began licensing her artwork to the greeting card, gift and book publishing industry. She is one of a handful of artists working with Papyrus on the Taylor Swift gift line and has illustrated over 100 book covers, including Sophie Kinsella’s Shopaholic series. Anne continues to work with clients around the world including Scholastic, The Children’s Place and Hachette Book Group. She has written and illustrated her first book, Fictionally Fabulous due out in April 2017. Anne has settled back into the Midwest and lives with her partner in crime, Jason, in Detroit, Michigan.