Nano Pro: The Pilot’s Secret That’s Revolutionising Phone Protection


If we said it was possible to wipe a cloth covered in a special liquid over your phone, leave it to dry and then your phone would be water resistant, almost completely scratch resistant and be protected from bacteria, you’d think this liquid was pretty special wouldn’t you?


Nano Pro Liquid Glass Protection

But what if we also told you the coating would be so thin that you could not feel the difference, your phone’s swipe and touch ID functions would be unaffected and that beautiful screen resolution would be just as sparkling, that would be quite amazing, wouldn’t it? Well, welcome to the world of Nano Pro!

How is this possible?

Nano Pro is silicon-based and uses the latest developments in liquid nanotechnology to create a layer on your device which is 500 times thinner than a human hair but still has extraordinary strength and resistance. It’s particularly resistant against bacteria, oil and grease, so fingerprints wipe off very easily and it lets all light through, which is why the screen remains unaffected.

It has been rigorously tested so that it will not cause problems with your device, in fact, devices can be submerged in Nano Pro for 10 minutes and still function perfectly – but don’t try this at home. Using Nano Pro will not affect your guarantee or manufacturer’s warranty.

Should I be worried about bacteria?

We don’t tend to think of our phones as particularly dirty but when you think how often they come into contact with our mouths, hair, ears and hands, it does make you wonder how clean they might be. Several tests, including this one: show that our phones can actually carry more bacteria than a toilet seat. Yes, a toilet seat. So the fact that a phone treated with Nano Pro shows 99.9% less bacteria than an untreated phone should really convince you what a good idea a Nanopro coating would be!

How easy it is to use?

Nano Pro has been in development for the last couple of years and is now available exclusively from Case Station. In three simple steps, you can protect your device for 12 months and, because Nano Pro is a liquid, there cannot be any bubbles between the protective coating and your device! It can be applied to a range of devices, including mobile phones, tablets, cameras, laptops and touch screens and comes in a simple to use kit with full instructions.

So what’s the pilots’ secret?


Nigel Lamb uses Nano Pro on his plane!

Nigel Lamb, Breitling Team British Race Pilot and 2014 Red Bull Air Race world champion uses Nano Pro on his plane! It reduces friction of all kinds without adding weight and proven to reduce aerodynamic drag!

Aviation racing is not the only sport benefiting from Nano Pro’s amazing capabilities. Guinness world record holder Kevin Burdock used Nano Pro’s technology on his P1 powerboat to give it vital extra smoothness and glide through the water.

We don’t advise testing your device in the sea or checking its aerodynamics but Nano Pro will give it really terrific protection against items that might typically scratch it easily, almost any liquid it could come into contact with and 99.9% of bacteria. Not only this but the coating is incredibly thin, takes only a few minutes to apply and lasts for up to 12 months!

So click here to order this amazing liquid and enter the world of Nano Pro!