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Are you a blogger, website owner or social influencer wondering how you can make some good money from affiliate relationships? Take a look at the Case Station Friends Affiliate Program, we’re launching now and recruiting people just like you! We’ve designed the program to offer you the maximum reward for your efforts and to make it as easy to join and use as we can. You’ll also be able to use our banner ads and other creative resources free of charge once you’re accepted onto the program. Sounding good?

How does it work?

The program is FREE and enables you to act as Case Station’s partner. All our Friends Affiliate program members earn commission on sales generated by the links they create on their website, blog, Twitter or Facebook page.

Not only is the commission generous but program members receive it on the full order value (excluding P&P), not just on the product you have linked to. So whatever the customer you have sent to us buys, you get commission!

How do I sign up?

Step 1: Apply: Click on the link here to complete the application form.

Step 2: We’ll check your application (we don’t let just anybody join!) and email you back if you are accepted. The email will welcome you and give you all the information you need to get started.

Step 3: Create links from your blog, website or social feed and start earning commission! You can link either using text or a banner. Simply choose which product page on our site you want to link to, paste your affiliate link in a prominent place on your blog, website or social feed and make sure any traffic you’re getting can see it!

How do we help you?

We’ll give you instant access to our Friends Affiliate area where you’ll find a professionally designed web banner and text link selection. We’ll update this resource on a regular basis to make sure our members always have the most eye-catching and effective materials at their fingertips.

Your Friends Affiliate login will also give you real time reporting and sales tracking so you’ll always know how well you’re doing and how much commission is coming your way.

We always want to know how we can improve the Friends Affiliate program and we’ll be asking for and expecting feedback from our members.

Apply Now!

You’ll be getting good rates of commission on every sale we make from your links, we supply great creative resources and real time sales tracking. We want the Case Station Friends Affiliate program to be up there with the best affiliate programs around and with your help, that’s exactly what we’ll be able to do!