Richard Noldin & Case Station


“When people look at my work, I want them to love the colours and to wonder how it was made. I enjoy making art that’s useful so the whole room becomes the work of art.”

 Richard Noldin

Case Station has collaborated with artist Richard Noldin to offer his inspiring designs on smartphone cases. Richard Noldin strives to infuse the beauty of nature with crisp, clean contrasts when he creates, so that his designs make the peacefulness of nature part of a person’s daily landscape. His ability to evoke the richness of nature in lyrical, harmonious patterns creates a sense of urban cool for today’s sophisticated individual.


Raised in Minnesota with five brothers and sisters, Richard discovered his love for art when he started drawing at the age of 10. His work then haunted his younger siblings for years because it was held up as examples for the art classes that followed his in school. Richard holds a BFA in Illustration from the College of Visual Arts in St. Paul. His interest in repeat-patterns began while he was studying and transitioned into a love of pattern design.

With Minnesota’s long winters and short summers, Richard finds that the area’s bursting springtime and intense summers inspire his colorful, bold floral patterns.

“So many elements of nature are repetitive patterns: the bark of a tree, the way leaves fall on the ground, how light shines to make shadows. You see patterns in nature all the time and you can evoke that feeling of nature without having to create a brown and white space. Think of taking raindrops from an impressionist painting and using them on pillows, or an enlivening yellow vase with flowers that has a breathy and Asian influence expressed through a luminous drape.”

Richard is a dachshund fan and also enjoys working out, including cardio, weights, biking and downhill skiing. He takes frequent walks, but can’t count that among his workout activities due to his habit of stopping every few minutes to take photos he can later use to inspire his art.