Are The Samsung Galaxy S7 And S7 Edge The Best Smartphones Ever?


Tech advice expert PC Advisor ranked the Samsung Galaxy S6 as the best smartphone available in Jan 2016: Despite amazing reviews the SGS6 and its high end sister the SGS6 Edge did not sell as well as Samsung expected. So a new and improved SGS7 and SGS7 Edge available in March must get anyone looking for the best of the best pretty excited! They are Samsung’s big chance of persuading demanding smartphone buyers before the iPhone 7 launch later this year.

At first glance, very little is changing, with buttons, headphone jack, camera apertures and USB port in the same positions. Launch models are black and gold and if Samsung is true to form, silver and white will be available in the coming months. The S7 will retain the S6’s candybar design and the S7 Edge will feature a more ergonomic curved look, more curved than the S6 Edge, so easier to pick up.

As well as making the phone easier on the eye, the idea behind the Edge concept was that not only ringtones but different colours could be selected for different contacts. So in a situation where it was difficult to hear or impolite to have your phone ring, the edge would light up in the chosen colour and identify the caller.

One of the S6’s best features is its 1440 x 2560 display and, already one of the best around, this will not change for the new models. Both are available with Android Marshmallow, either 32GB/64GB of storage, 4GB of RAM and a 12mp rear-facing camera, optimised for low-light photography. This is a change from the 16mp camera in the S6 and S6 Edge but is still very competitive and it introduces an ultra-fast auto focus feature to ensure you get THAT shot.

While these phones look similar to the current models, Samsung is reversing two decisions that caused some surprise when the S6/S6 Edge were launched. The S7/S7 Edge will be water resistant and feature expandable storage through a microSD slot. The company’s decision to do away the microSD for the S6/S6 Edge caused so much controversy last year.

If the S6 and S6 Edge had a major fault, it was battery life. Battery life is a very important factor for smartphone users, after all, their usefulness depends on them being mobile and not connected to the mains. The S7 has a 3000mAh battery with the Edge getting a powerful 3600, a significant upgrade on the S6’s 2,550mAh. Both new models will still offer fast charging and wireless charging.

Processors will vary depending where you are in the world. The S6/S6 Edge did not use Qualcomm processors, instead favouring a processor developed in-house. Samsung and Qualcomm have begun co-operating again, with US and UK phones using the Qualcomm processor and Samsung’s own mainly available in Asia. Of course, there will be no material difference between the processors, with both providing fast and smooth operation. According to Samsung, gaming will be particularly fast and vivid. The phones will be the first to feature the Vulkan API which will dramatically improve the effects for every game developed using it. 
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Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge