Making A Mum Feel Special!


mothers day photo 1 copyAt this time of year there are Mother’s Day offers popping up everywhere! Almost anyone you can think of is jumping on the bandwagon and the noise can be bewildering. So how do you make a Mum feel special? How can you give her a gift that’s fun, memorable and as individual as you are?

Well, how about creating something that tells the unique story that only you and that special Mum share? A custom phone case is a great way of telling that story which will last way beyond Mother’s Day and be a wonderful reminder that you are thinking about her every time she uses her phone. Our cases are engineered using the highest quality materials and will protect her smartphone while reminding her of you.

Has there been a milestone this year you’d like to remember? A first step, a first day at school, a first bike ride? Have you been on a great vacation or trip? Or has there been something else to celebrate, like a great achievement at school or in sport? If you’ve got an image of it you love, you can make it into a smartphone case. Or perhaps make a collage of great memories to tell your story? Images won’t fade with use or in the sun, colours will zing day in, day out and her case will look as good months from now as the day she got it.

If you’ve heard your child say one of those things that can make you laugh, cry or just wonder at the amazing way kids look at the world, what a great phone case that would make! Use our ‘text’ feature to add any text you like to your design.

If you’re one of those kids who has now grown up, you’ll know how much your Mum means. Have you shared a fun trip together? Have you been to an event or done something you’ve always promised yourselves? Has she been helping you out in the way that only mothers can? Let her know how special she is to you this Mother’s Day. Use the perfect image or collage to make her a personalised phone case that only you could create.

There are so many wonderful sayings about mothers that could tell yours how you feel. Here are a couple of our favourites:


mothers day photo 2‘A mother’s hug lasts long after she lets go’.

‘Not always eye to eye, but always heart to heart’

or maybe with a little humour: OK, I get it, you carried me for nine months and raised me to be a good person….so I could be your tech support!

‘I respect my Mum, she passed her exams without using Google!’

Add one of these, or your own favourite, to a beautiful phone case and you know it will touch that special Mum and bring you closer together whenever she reads it.


Mother’s Day is the perfect time to show how much you appreciate the Mum in your life. Of course you can buy flowers or chocolates, champagne, lunch or dinner but these treats will soon fade in her memory. If you really want to make a Mum feel cherished, create a unique phone case for her and have the special feeling last far beyond one Sunday! (Customise Your Case Now)