4 Steps To The Perfect Phone Case



New to the idea of buying a phone case? Wondering how to make sense of all the choice out there? A good quality case will mean you can protect your smartphone and make it uniquely yours. Here’s our 4-step guide to buying a phone case that’s perfect for you!

If you have any smartphone made in the last 3-4 years, you will be able to get a case for it. If it was made by one of the well-known manufacturers (Apple, Samsung, HTC, Sony, LG, Google/Nexus or Motorola) there will be a wide variety of cases to choose from and even less established phone brands like Huawei and Alcatel should be no problem.

Step 1: think about what you’d like your case to do. If you’re an adventurous type and want to take your phone somewhere there’s a risk it could land on something really hard or wet, you’ll probably want the best protection you can get.

If you want your phone case to express your personality, you’ll want the design that’s just right for you, maybe from a designer collection or something you’ve created yourself. And if you’d like your phone case to give you the freedom to leave your bag or wallet at home, you’ll want clever touches like hidden slots for cash and credit cards.

Step 2: decide how much you want to spend. It’s possible to buy cases from corner shops for £5 or order a special designer version online costing hundreds of pounds. You should expect to spend at least £15-20 for a decent case, rising to perhaps £35-40 for something more specialised. If you spend less than this, the materials will not be good enough quality to protect your phone and last a decent amount of time. You might be wondering why the £5 corner shop case wouldn’t do the job perfectly well but any smartphone will cost £400 or more to replace, so why take the risk to save yourself a tenner?

Step 3: look for some reviews and check social media. Believe it or not, cases from websites that look pretty similar will vary a lot. If you can find out what actual buyers think of their cases once they have them, this will give you some real insight. Reviews will tell you if cases fit properly, if they really do protect your phone, if the printing quality is good and if the design fades with use and sunlight. Oh, and if the case is delivered when the site promised. If you can’t find reviews, find the company on social media. People are happy to share their opinions!

Step 4: Order from a site that specialises in phone cases and gives you exactly what you need. Some sites sell cases as a sideline alongside many other items. These are unlikely to be the best quality cases or to cover a wide range of phones, especially newly-released models. Some sites will limit your choices so that you can only order certain case types or certain designs. You will be able to find what you want! And check all the charges before you order. Sounds obvious but when you’ve spent some time creating yourself a cool personalised case, you won’t want a nasty surprise when it comes to checkout!

So follow our 4-step guide, get yourself a great phone case, protect your beautiful smartphone and make it a one-off which says ‘you’ like nothing else can!