Personalised LG G5 Phone Case

The LG G5 is a very different type of smartphone. LG has remodelled its flagship smartphone to make it the most flexible on the market, incorporating not only upgradeable storage but a slide-out battery and a system of add-on modules that expand the phone’s capabilities to better reflect the owner’s needs. LG G5 Basics: Before […]

Huawei P9 and P9 Lite: The best camera ever on a smartphone!

Huawei is now the world’s third largest phone manufacturer and has come a long way since its first attempts at selling smartphones outside its home territory, China.  You’ll see from the company’s promotional image, they take their inspiration from Apple and the iPhone. There are, of course, many worse paths a company could follow!     […]

Join our affiliate program, it’s quick, easy and profitable!

    Are you a blogger, website owner or social influencer wondering how you can make some good money from affiliate relationships? Take a look at the Case Station Friends Affiliate Program, we’re launching now and recruiting people just like you! We’ve designed the program to offer you the maximum reward for your efforts and […]

MWC Shanghai Press Release

Case Station Software Science and Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (壳意软件科技(上海)有限公司 Launching Today At Mobile World Congress – Shanghai   Shanghai, China and London, UK  Case Station China is launching today at MWC Shanghai to meet the rapidly growing demand that consumers in China have for high quality, personalised and customised smartphone cases and ranges of […]

Case Station partners with O2 in biggest brand partnership so far!

  O2 is a huge brand in the UK with almost 24.5m of the country’s 90m mobile phone contracts and a whopping turnover of £5.3 billion. It is a very successful company and has a valuable brand to protect so you would expect it to be pretty choosy about which companies it creates partnerships with. […]

Nano Pro: The Pilot’s Secret That’s Revolutionising Phone Protection

  If we said it was possible to wipe a cloth covered in a special liquid over your phone, leave it to dry and then your phone would be water resistant, almost completely scratch resistant and be protected from bacteria, you’d think this liquid was pretty special wouldn’t you? But what if we also told […]

Who Needs A Custom Phone Case?

  You have a beautiful smartphone, designed by one of the world’s best product designers, using some of the most advanced materials outside NASA and curved, bevelled and engineered to fit perfectly into your hand. Why would anyone need a case? Well, that beautiful smartphone is only so resilient. Thousands of people break their phones […]

The Gadget Show Live

  The Gadget Show Live at the NEC is the home of innovation in the digital world with everything from hoverboards and drones to fitness, in-car tech and gaming. So its only natural that we will be there along with the Apples, Samsungs, Sonys, Microsofts and Oculus Rifts. Flying gadgets and VR are predicted to be […]

Personalised Apple Watch Bands – Case Station

  Apple is brand known worldwide for its beautiful, high quality, ground-breaking products. Yes, there were MP3 players before the iPod but they were odd-looking and difficult to use. Everyone from Microsoft to Samsung and Toshiba had tried to build tablet before the iPad but no-one succeeded like Apple. The company has a history of […]

iPhone SE

  When Apple announces a new phone, it is anticipated around the world and rumours have circulated for weeks that its Mar 21 event would do just that. But this was a first for even a company as innovative as Apple, taking an old phone design, in this case the iPhone 5, and adding a […]

Easter Flowers, Chocolate, Bonnets and Bunnies, It’s a Wonderful Time!

  Hasn’t winter felt soooo long? Cold weather, grey skies, short days and having to wrap up every time you leave the house. We really need a change so it’s great that Easter is here! Of course, the actual date of Easter moves around each year because it follows the first new moon after the […]

The Day We’re All A Little Bit Irish!

  On March 17th all over the world everyone who’s Irish, got Irish relatives, Irish friends or who just feels like a good party will be celebrating St Patrick’s Day. It has become a global symbol of celebration and fun, with shamrocks, leprechauns and the Irish national colours green, white and orange visible wherever the […]